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About Us

Ferndearle School was established in 2001 and is registered with the DFES as an Independent Special School for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD). The school caters for pupils between the ages of 5 and 16 (key stages 1 to 4) and is well equipped to provide a differentiated time table for SEBD pupils; pupils with Aspergers, Autism and those categorised with mild to severe learning difficulties.

The school is specialised in catering for pupils who have emotional blocks to learning as a result of traumatic experiences.

The school provides a placement for pupils who live in care at Ferndearle and offers day placements to pupils from the local community. The school offers 52 week residential placements. The school has two sites with staff ratios relevant to the pupil’s learning needs.

About Us

The school is sometimes able to prepare students for integration into mainstream school and colleges. This includes pupils who come to Ferndearle with a statement for SEBD provision and those who have prior to Ferndearle struggled in SEBD provision as we believe that many pupils have been unable to manage their education due to the instability of their previous placement. The majority of pupils remain at Ferndearle School either until they move out of the area to such as a foster placement or until they leave Ferndearle for independence. Young people who remain at Ferndearle post 16 are transferred to our local college and also undertake work experience placements.

The school is part of Ferndearle Child Care Services which offers an integrated package of Care, Education and Therapy. All pupils have access to a large Consultant Clinical Team which includes: Speech and Language Therapist; Psychotherapist; 2 Clinical Psychologists; 2 Psychiatrists and a Play Therapist. These are accessed as and when required but the Psychotherapist is a frequent weekly presence in the organisation. All pupils receive weekly therapy during term time; fortnightly systemic group therapy; therapy or other forms of assessment depending on need and family therapy where appropriate. There is a close integration of the three strands of the service with the Head of the school meeting weekly with the Heads of Care and the Psychotherapist. Care staff (trained in therapeutic strategies) and the Home’s Psychotherapist enable and support learning through daily or weekly liaison with school staff with care staff providing direct support in school when deemed necessary. The Psychotherapist also provides training/pupil focus sessions for advice to education staff on pupils emotional needs to support learning.

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