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Ferndearle School’s Annual Visit to Kingswood

Ferndearle School’s Annual Visit to:-

“It was amazing”                                                     16th to 18th May 2018


Staff and students attended Kingswood Residential for 3 days and 2 nights in May.  We departed the school sites at 1pm on Wednesday afternoon, suitcases in tow. The journey took just around 45 minutes. When we arrived students, who had not attended the residential previously were so excited at the prospect of sleeping in the yurts which was a first-time experience for most of them.  We then had lunch and then back to the yurts to organise their sleeping hubs.

“It was really good”

Prior to dinner, some students participated in Laser tag and others took on the Obstacle Challenge.



We then went on to have our dinner in the Dining Hall area.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the “buffet” style of dining and were ravenous after their activities.  The behaviour of the students when seated amongst approximately 200 other students from different schools made us very proud.

Next up, was the Campfire with lots of singing and laughing (at the guys who were running it!!).


“It was fun, a little scary and I had the best time of my life”


The next morning after a much-needed good night’s sleep, we set off for breakfast at 7.30am.

We then got on with our morning activities consisting of:

3G Swing


And, Problem Solving


“Brilliant I want to go again”

Then it was back to the Dining Hall for a well -earned lunch.  After this, students were put in to two teams to build rafts and then paddle from one side of the lake to the other.  The students worked extremely hard together to build their vessels and really enjoyed being able to throw themselves in the water on the other side!


After dinner, students took part in the “Scrapheap Challenge” whereby they had to build a robot made from, what most of us would put into the bin!  A recycling job well done by each team of students.


After another good night’s rest after all the fun of the day, students woke up to have breakfast and then onto the Obstacle Course and Ariel Runway.

“I stayed my first night away at Kingswood and it was great”

After lunch, students and staff packed up their belongings and with a heavy heart left to come back to school after 3 days of fabulous activities, team-building,

The trip was enjoyed by all and I would like to say a big thank you to all staff for making the trip such a fabulous opportunity for the students and for giving up their time.  It was great to see all students from Years 3 to 9 getting along, and I am sure many of them will be looking forward to future trips that the school organises.

Zara Malyon


BSD – it was amazing


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