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Kingswood by KS Kingswood by KS (Age 10)

We went to Kingswood and the first thing we did was make our beds.  Then after we made our bed’s we unpacked all our suitcases and then we went to the obstacle course. Then we had dinner and after that we made bottle rockets. On Thursday we did raft building and lunch and after lunch we did Jacobs ladder and then we did the 3G swing.  I cried a bit as it was a bit scary.

Then we had dinner and we had a camp-fire where we sang songs. On Friday we did abseiling. Then we had lunch and went back to school.

I had a great time and can’t wait to go next year!Kingswood


Kingswood by GG (Age 11)

My adventure of Kingswood started on Wednesday.  We went on the mini-bus.  We got to Kingswood and made I made my bed in the tents.  We did the obstacle course after we had dinner.  Dinner was the best because I had four pots of ice cream, it was so good.  We then had bottle rockets that was literally so fun, I couldn’t explain the fun in this. 


Kingswood by LH

When I went to Kingswood on Wednesday, I made my bed and unpacked everything, and I waited for other people to finish. Then we all went out and played football. Then it was time for activity. I did the obstacle course and one of the older ones helped me. Then we had dinner and then we had bottle rockets, they were fun!

Then we all went to bed me and my friends were in the same tent and Miss Christabel and Miss Spence was in our tent. Then I was the first one to go to sleep and then both my friends got into trouble for talking after bedtime.

The next day we had breakfast, I had cereal with a bit of sugar and then it was time to have raft building and then we had lunch because raft building was long and we got stuck in the mud in the water.

We then had Jacobs ladder, it was hard! Then we had the 3G swing and then dinner and then camp fire. me and my friends in the tent were tired!

The next day I said I was going to go shower but I was scared but then I realised I was smelly! So I tried the shower then Miss Fiona came in after I got dressed and came to see my weird spots and then Miss Malyon came and they said is it itchy and me and Abi said yes then Klaudia said she had already had the spots so she couldn’t get them again and then both Miss’s said we had chicken pox!

Then we went for breakfast and after we did Night Line.  Then we did abseiling which I didn’t do as I was really scared. Then we had lunch and after that me and my friends went to the gift shop with our pocket money and then we went back to school and watched a film. 

We all went home at the end of the day. I was very tired!


Kingswood Kingswood by MS

We arrived at Kingswood and unpacked.  Then we played football on the field.  We had to make a beds’ after this.  Then we did a really cool obstacle course.  It had a zip line and we were in teams and we did monkey bars and I nearly finished them all. 

We also did abseiling.  We got harnessed and went down a wall.  I was a little bit scared.

I slept in a tent with other children and staff. 

The next day, we went on the 3G swing.  Me and DC went all the way to the top.  It was really scary.  

The day after, we did raft building and it was great. 

My favourite activity was the 3G swing. 


Review of Kingswood TF

We got to Kingswood at 2.15pm on Wednesday 15th May 2019.  We went to our tents.  It was smelly and I left my suitcase in the mini-bus so I went to get it.  My suitcase was really heavy.  It was like I was going for a week!.  I got to my tent again and my duvet had gone, so I had went into BS’ room and tried to take his but LH and XD joined in and then I let go of it and took LH’s duvet!  Miss, then said “We have got lots of duvets and it’s already starting to look like a teenager’s tent!”.  I unlocked my suitcase and put it on the floor. 

I went out and played football for a bit in the field with some of the other children.  Sir said, “let’s get ready for the obstacle course challenge”.  We went over and the first challenge was the swing, where you have to run around the pole 5 times, then 5, star jumps, then run back and tag your team- mate. 

I was with lots of other children and the next activity was the “Hell Oven”.  We had to help each other over the walls and through tunnels.  We had to make sure the younger ones didn’t fall and so we had to catch them.  TD was so clumsy and kept falling over and he was really heavy so we had two people to help him.  The first team back after completing the course won.   



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