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Leeds Castle

On the 14th February 2019 Caterpillars staff and students visited Leeds Castle for the day. We set off from school at approximately 9.15am, backpacks ready and car full off very excited caterpillars prepared for an adventure at the castle in the glorious sunshine.

Upon arrival we collected our tickets and began the trek to the castle following the winding path surrounded by beautiful scenery. With the sun shining off the flowing rivers and the trees draping over the path the excitement about what would be in the castle was most definitely in the air.

We then reached the castle for a well-earned pit stop and snack before entering its stone walls to explore the magnificent building. On the way to the entrance of the castle we walked past the moat surrounding and keeping safe the castle walls, unfortunately we did not see the crocodiles (they must have all been having their lunch!)

“The castle was so big!”

Once inside the castle we saw many rooms including royal bedrooms, bathrooms and dining halls along with a library, many drawing rooms and even a chapel. We enjoyed looking around the immaculately dressed rooms and learning about the history of each room together with the general history of the castle.

“I liked seeing the Queens bedroom”

When we were investigating the Library we asked the staff at the castle whether there was a hidden passage you could go through that was activated by pulling a specific book out, like they do in the movies. Unfortunately they didn’t but the lovely member of staff Vivian did show us a secret door along the corridor that we had not noticed, it was very cool!

After a morning strolling around the castle we stopped for lunch in the picnic area to eat out well deserved packed lunches in the sunshine. However, this was very rudely disturbed by a seagull that was a little peckish and tried to swoop down and steal our sandwiches!! luckily, we ushered it away and protected our lunches just in time.

After our eventful lunch we made our way to the big, beautiful maze that had the caterpillars very excited and determined to make it out before closing time. After a short team effort and a few wrong turns we managed to navigate ourselves to the middle of the maze which led to an underground grotto that we needed to go through to exit the maze. The grotto was made of shells and housed a stone mythical beast that had flaming red eyes and poured a stream of water from its mouth.

“I really liked the maze because it was fun”

“I loved the maze, we worked as a team”

“I liked the maze because it was a challenge”

We stopped in to see the beautiful birds of prey on our way to board the lime green land train to take us to the exit. We waited patiently at the land train stop for it to arrive with a very excited group of caterpillars. The train took us along the winding paths, past the beautiful lakes with one last look at the whole castle and moat basking in the sunshine.

Once the train had arrived at its destination, we all hopped off and made our way back to the cars to begin our journey back to school. We had a relaxing and quiet journey back to school trying not the fall asleep after our fun filled packed day. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Leeds Castle and cannot wait to visit again!

“It’s amazing at Leeds Castle”


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